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Wall from decorative stone

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Besides supply and wholesale of natural stone for commercial, public and residential sectors, Sonic Stone provides calibrated and optimal solutions for the achievement of any project, regardless of its size or complexity. Having worked on both smaller projects and numerous large size advancements, we are capable to fulfil our function also with restricted deadlines, at the same period, preserving a great level of delivery and program. We give an array of providers, such as professional consultancy, custom-made style, preparing, set up and maintenance, switching your concepts into actuality.

Our business provides perfected an effective workflow thanks a lot to which it manages the whole delivery procedure of the commissioned function, both with specialized and style providers and with the creation of the rock components, switching the most advanced and progressive digesting technology with the skilful dexterity of professional craftsmen, eventually making sure high-quality aesthetic surface finishes. Our regular in arduous quality control continuously warranties an impeccable delivery of all tasks.

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We function straight with world-wide merchants and possess many partnerships with quarries all around the globe, hence getting capable to offer extraordinary prices on high-quality items, having gain access to to the most recent collections and technology in the sector. All of that, mixed with our careful interest to details is usually what it will take to make your style concepts arrive to lifestyle.

Our group is definitely often right here to give the greatest support and assistance, therefore perform not really be reluctant to get in touch with us or visit our showroom.
Natural stone walls are an answer for interior or exterior renovation, being usually in pattern. Architects and designers warmly recommend replacing option finishes with natural stone finishes. For exterior use, natural stone frames can be used for both windows and doors.

Natural stone integrates perfectly with solid wood or iron elements, like balusters, balconies and terraces.
In the case of the interior walls, natural stone can be used in various styles and decorations, giving the space a modern, classic or rustic look, depending on the preferences. Numerous designs, colors and finishes are available for such plans.

A high-impact decorative material can be onyx for its translucent house, which gives an amazing response. The use of natural stone for outside buildings can be an answer that combines sturdiness with outstanding aesthetics. The stone can be used to cover large areas or to spotlight an area of maximum visual interest. It is usually recommended for its strength, solidity and architectural appearance. The passage of time gives the natural stone a special look without any extra intervention. Maintaining a facade of natural stone requires minimal effort at long time periods.

The types of natural stone recommended for outdoor straight plating are: travertine, limestone, granite and slate. The first feature to be taken into concern for straight plating is usually that the stone must be resistant to freezing circumstances. The rock utilized for outdoor plating should possess the framework, chemical substance structure and color as homogeneous as feasible and should not really include international components that conveniently break down and arrive from small massifs.

In seaside areas it is certainly required to consider into accounts the abrasive impact of fine sand and blowing wind. Sodium contaminants can be much less harming to waterproofed rocks, as the amount of skin pores in which sodium may crystallize is certainly limited. Ideal for any design: traditional, traditional or contemporary, organic rock plaques are obtainable in various colors and surface finishes.

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